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Gain 2-3 (erect) inches in 3 to 6 months with our new FJx (penis) Stretcher. Continue reading below to learn more.


What is the FJx Stretcher?

The FJx (penis)Stretcher is the ultimate, new Penis stretching equipment that allows men to maximize gains by doing direct ligament/Corpa workout stretches for the best penile tissue expansion. Not only that, But the FJx Stretcher can also be utilized as a penile weight hanger or a position-focused stretcher. So our 3 in 1 FJx Stretcher is definitely a good device to have when focusing on penis enlargement. Especially if you are trying to gain quicker and have stubborn ligaments/penile tissue that doesn't want to stretch for maximum expansion.

Is this better than doing Jelqs?

Yes. Now we all know that jelqing is very tiresome and getting good base pulls are nearly impossible. But once you hook the FJx Stretcher to your penis; You will now give yourself the maximum leverage and strength for the best focused-stretching, weight hanging and penile exercise workouts of all time. 

So how did others gain 2-3 (erect) inches in 3 to 6 months while using The FJx Stretcher?

1) They used our device, video and tips to hang and manually stretch their penile tissue and ligaments every angle for a good workout for 30-45 minutes a day.

2) When possible; They used an extender such as our RJx Extender to comfortably hold and condition the stretch of the newly, worn tissue and ligaments that the FJx workout has just provided them

3) When possible;They used a Cock Ring or a sleeve such as the Jackits or something similar to frequently stop maximum penile turtling until the next workout session that night or the next day. Rinse and repeat

What if I miss a day or 2?
Don't worry. Just consider those rest days and go a little longer on the next session.

Can I workout twice a day for even faster gains?
Yes. Some guys do push ups in the morning and at night for quicker muscle gains. So its the same thing here. But don 't worry if you can only workout once a day or even 5 times a week. Just make sure you take your workouts seriously when you do.

Why not just wear an extender?

The FJx Stretcher lets you focus on stretching and hanging from all directions. Unlike an extender. But they definitely work great together. And we do recommend that you use the FJx in conjunction with your extenders and sleeves such as the Flaccid Jackits.. And for those that dont own an extender; Feel free to buy our new RJx Extender.


Can I do more different types of stretches than the following? Yes.



Can it help to un-curve the penis?

Yes. Simply place the device on the areas needed and do focus stretching in the right or left or straight forward direction for the desired effect. It will eventually lessen the curve in due time.

Can the FJx Stretcher help me gain inches by itself?

Yes. The FJx is just like any other workout/ exercise equipment that does what it sets out to do as long as the user utilizes it to the fullest. But we still recommend using it in conjunction with an extender and/or other devices or regiments for the quickest gains.

Does it stop girth gains?
No. It actually helps you gain girth when doing Twist Bundle stretches with the FJx. Which we cover in detail in our video.

Does the FJx Stretcher fit all size penis?

Yes. The fastener guard is wide enough and lifts high enough for big girth individuals. Plus it comes down far enough to secure smaller girth individuals as well.

Is the FJx Stretcher durable ?
Yes. The FJx is made of metal and steel and is very durable. Plus it allows you to put maximum strength behind your pulling, pushing and stretching and weight hanging without slippage or product malfunctioning.

So what kind of stretches can I do with the FJx?
There are endless stretching exercises that you can do while placing the stretcher towards your base or near the head. But for a better idea of what kind of stretches you should be doing; We made sure to include everything in our ultimate FJx workout video that comes free with purchase. 

Does it come with instructions and Video?
Yes. The instructions, tips, and FJx workout Video (which consists of actual FJx users exercising, hanging and stretching with our device) are emailed to you upon purchase. Plus we supply you with a basic formula to make sure that you gain 2-3 (erect) inches within 3-6 months.

Is the Instructional video more detailed than the aboved gif images?
Yes. Our Ultimate instructional workout video goes over assembly, dos and donts, plus it gives detail advice while showing a full workout session.

What's included with The FJx Stretcher?
You get the FJx plus you get the iron hanger harness, along with the focus stretching leg strap/pull cord along with a weight attachment clip plus the FJx workout video along with tips and a basic formula to help you gain 2-3 inches quickly. So basically everything except for the actual weight itself. But you can hang a gallon of water until you buy a weight if need be.

Is the FJx Stretcher anti-slip ?
Yes. Our stretcher does not slip off you and it allows you to do all of the stretches seen plus many more.

My penis isn't as big as the guy shown in the video; Can I still do these stretches as well?
Yes. Our stretcher fits all sizes while not slipping off. Plus it very comfortable. So you will be able to use our stretcher/hanger to the fullest , regardless of your size.

Shipping policy?
Orders ship the next day, but can take up to 10 (business) days to ship. But don't worry. You will be updated and you will receive your order. Plus all orders are discreet. And your credit card statement will show the name Quest Group.

Refund policy?
There are no refunds and we only do exchanges if the product is damaged upon arrival. So please make sure that you agree to this before purchasing. But also trust us when we say that this is a great piece of equipment to have for your p.e workouts. Thank you.

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