The RJx (penis) Extender Page !

The RJx penis Extender is the latest and newest penis extender on the market.So Get our new RJx Extender system today & start gaining the inches you need before next spring.

As we all know; Penis extenders have been around for years and work very well due to its constant pulling of the penile tissues. Now the key to getting gains with these devices,is to make sure that you wear them for several hours throughout the day. So this is why most extender users prefer comfortable devices that are also discreet.

Now throughout the years devices such as the Phallosan, Penimaster, & others made its   way to the market to offer various methods for being flexible, discreet & comfortable male enhancement products. But the products were very expensive & none of them had a all in one package that allowed you to do everything. So here goes our new RJx Extender.

The RJx Extender (system) Benefits:

1) Wear it as a suction extender (similar to the Penimaster)

 2) Wear it as a regular extender via noose or belt strap

 3) Use it as a all day stretcher & discreetly wear it underneath your clothes (Similar to the Phallosan Forte)

 4) Use it as a suction (weight) hanger with light weights


 5) Take advantage of the leg strap and use it as a night stretcher

 6) The system also provides 3 different size cups (s,m,l) to help ensure the right fit without worrying

 7) The system also comes with protective tape,and foam accessories for added comfort.

 8) It also comes with fitted-cap sleeves (s,m,l).

 9) You get everything needed Plus our detailed video for only $99

 10) Orders usually ship the next day (but can take up to 7 business days). Plus all orders      are discreet and come in a plain box.

Frequently Asked Questions !

I see similar products with no extender nor a cap attachment piece. Does this come with everything?

We provide everything to eliminate headaches. Plus we provide additional rod parts along with detailed instructions and video that shows users everything that they need to do in order to gain up to 3 inches in 6 months. So those similar looking extenders will leave you wishing that you just bought the RJx for $99.

Where can I wear the RJx Extender at?

Since the RJx is a (3in1) device and very comfortable and discreet; You can wear it to school, work, the gym, hanging out or at home while watching tv. Now some people wear the cap and belt strap when out in public since it is discreet and light weight and very comfortable to wear. Then they usually put on the extender portion when at home for discreet, quicker gains. Plus you can attach up to 10lbs or more for the best penile weight hanging that stretches everything from head to base.    

Is this product trustworthy and dependable?
Yes. We have been around for years and made sure to put the RJx through intense and stringent testing before offering it to our customers. So trust us when we say that you will gain up to 3inches when using the RJx daily for 2 - 5 months.

Why does nobody brag about using penis extenders online?
Nobody wants to admit that they are into penis enlargement. The same way nobody on Facebook, twitter, nor Instagram would post to their followers that they love using certain (e.d) drugs such as viagra that helped them go for hours in the sack. So please understand that there are plenty of happy customers of the RJx and other extenders out there. Even if they dont brag about them.

Will this help me gain inches?

Yes. Extenders are one of the best ways to gain inches. Plus now you can do even more which will help you gain quicker.

Should I buy your FJx Stretcher as well?

Both products work great together. But if your privacy time is limited and you need to be discreet all day long; Then the RJx Extender is great by itself. Plus it will give you the inches needed by itself as well. So dont worry. 

Whats the extender minimum and maximum length?

We give enough rods to make it 10 inches max and can break down to a 2 inch minimum.

Can I use my own fitting sleeves when its time to replace?

Yes. Most sleeves bought online works. And the provided fitting sleeves for each cap last a while as well.

I see similar products with no extender nor a cap attachment pc for a already owned extender?

We provide everything to eliminate headaches.

Can I fit in 2 of the 3 caps?
Some people can only fit in one cap size while some people can fit in one when flaccid and a larger one when semi erect. So you may fit in both a medium and large cap or a small and medium cap. But we provide 3 so you have a perfect fit for at least 1 of them.

Are the instructions and video self explanatory?

Yes. They come written with pictures plus a actual short video to stop you from guessing. But you still will only perfect things after using it several times like anything else.

Are there more usage photos shown on the video?

Yes. The included video shows everything.

Final Note: Due to this product's sensitivity nature, There are no refunds and we only do exchanges if the product arrives damaged. But so far there have been no customer complaints which we are happy to mention. Thank you.

 So Get the new RJx (penis) Extender system today and take  advantage of all the accessories that it has to offer for only $99